FEDER project for HLA typing using Next Generation Sequencing

4 April 2018

The NGS2HLA project aims at developing an innovative and comprehensive HLA typing solution for kidney and immune transplantation. Supported by the Public Assistance of Paris Hospitals (APHP), Primadiag and Wiratech (two innovative companies). Labelled by the competitiveness cluster Medicen Paris Region on October 29th, 2015 it has been selected by the Regional Council of Ile de France and benefit of a FEDER funding.

The project consists in developing a complete offer of HLA typing by NGS sequencing, which is constituted at the end of the project by a diagnostic automation, associated biological reagents and bioinformatics analysis software.

Each member of the consortium brings the necessary expertise for this ambitious project:

1) PrimaDiag for the development of a pipetting robot and validation of the automated protocols

2) Wiratech for product design and development of bioinformatics analysis tools (software).

3) The APHP for the preparation of RNA libraries, the optimization of PCR for the amplification and the realization of NGS sequencing on the platform of the University Institute of Hematology at Saint-Louis Hospital.

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