ACSIA NGSLibPrepEdition

ACSIA NGS Edition - LibPrep

ACSIA NGSLibPrepEdition, the solution to automate the libraries preparation for next-generation sequencing.

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Steps of the library preparation  performed by ACSIA :

The libraries preparation steps are long and repetitive. The automation of this preparation permits to avoid any human error and improve the quality of the libraries thanks to greater repeatability and more accurate pipetting.

“ACSIA NGSLibPrepEdition guarantees that no human intervention liquid handling is required during the whole process” 

ACSIA NGSLibPrepEdition is available with 16 SBS positions and using the latest technologies which allow the handling of magnetic beads, accurate temperature control and orbital shaking ensure the quality of your samples. This system fits with any kind of plate and deepwell available on the market (no skirted, semi skirted, skirted plates and so on). It is managed by our “PrimaController®II” software. This software offers both a realistic and interactive view as well as real-time assistance to increase your efficiency by letting you focus on your applicative tasks. Moreover, all liquid handling parameters are carefully optimized for minimal reagents consumption and the protocols are optimized to use a minimum number of tips (3 tip boxes for preparing 48 libraries instead of 14). ACSIA NGSLibPrepEdition is increased by 20% over manual treatment and process costs are highly reduced.

  • Magnetic Work Unit based on our  patented APIM technology (Attraction Point by Induced Magnetization)
  • Pipetting heads are interchangeable  within seconds
  • High efficiency automated platform managed by innovative, smart software
  • The innovative SMT technology performs the smartest tip re-use without cross-contamination during your process
  • Pre-programmed protocols for libraries preparation
  • Lower process costs
  • Available protocols for many kits
  • One of the market’s best quality/price values

Scope of delivery for ACSIA NGSLibPrepEdition


  • 1x ACSIA Platform
  • 1x Protective enclosure
  • 1x interchangeable 250µl 1-channel pipetting head
  • 1x interchangeable 250µl 8-channel pipetting head
  • 1x patented Magnetic Work Unit (MWU)
  • 1x Cooling/heating and shaking position – from 4°C to 70°C
  • 1x Adapter for cooling/heating and shaking module for microplate – 96 wells standard PCR plate
  • 1x Desktop computer with a pre-installed license of PrimaController®II and its digital user guide
  • 1x USB Cable
  • 1x European standard power cable (power supply complies with worldwide standards)
  • 6x holders for ACSIATips 250
  • 2x ACSIATips 250
  • 1x Reservoir of 12 cuves of 22 ml 
  • 1x Deepwell 96 (2 mL)
  • 1x 96-wells PCR plate adapter
  • 2x Passive cooling rack – 24×1.5/2ml tubes
  • 1x Rack 9x 5 mL tubes

 *Other accessories available

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* PrimaDiag also provides MagnaMedics MagSi-NGS Prep kits tested and validated by our partner on our automated platform.