Primadiag answers to the increasing demand of coronavirus detection tests.

8 May 2020

The COVID-19 epidemic shows the need for rapid and appropriate mobilization of a diagnostic force:

  • Which fits in the field of Human Health and meets the quality standards of medical biology (ISO15189)
  • Who is mobile to be closer to the needs
  • Which allows very high speed with cutting edge technological expertise

Primadiag, thanks to an exclusive distribution partnership with a supplier of COVID-19 diagnostic kit, supplies certain analysis laboratories including those of the Garches Hospital and the mobile unit of the National Gendarmerie [Link to the article].

The kit distributed by Primadiag is based on the detection of virus sequences by quantitative rt-PCR. This kit has been approved by the National Reference Center (CNR).

The company has also developed and validated a complete chain, from extraction to qPCR and can provide an extraction kit. The ACSIA platform, developed to automate the preparation of samples for the NGS, has also been programmed to carry out the extraction of nucleic acids and the preparation of rt-qPCR reactions.

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To illustrate the urgency of Primadiag’s contribution: Link to an article.