Automated target enrichment using SeqCapEZ DNA kit on ACSIA

3 December 2015

Libraries preparation and target enrichment steps of next generation sequencing protocols are laborious and source of error (minimum of 4 working days to prepare 48 libraries – 8 multiplex).

PrimaDiag developed the ACSIA NGS Edition pipetting platform to efficiently automate the targeted enrichment steps. The ACSIA platform allows the enrichment of up to 48 multiplex by using SeqCap EZ DNA kit. All liquid handling parameters are carefully optimized for minimal reagents consumption and the protocols are optimized to use a minimum number of tips (3 tip boxes for preparing 48 multiplex instead of 9).

Find in this Application note, the methods used on ACSIA NGS Edition and a comparative evaluation between results obtained manually and on the PrimaDiag platform  with the SeqCap EZ DNA kit from Roche Diagnostics.

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