PCR Edition

ACSIA-XS capotée

If you meet these needs

  • PCR setup in 96 and 384-wells plate
  • Real time PCR setup in 96 and 384-wells plate
  • Distribution
  • Tube to plate transfer
  • Plate to plate transfer
  • Serial dilutions
  • Hit picking
  • Concentration normalization
  • Plate compression/decompression
  • SNP detection
  • HLA genotyping

Which solution to choose ?

PrimaDiag offers ACSIA XS PCR Edition

ACSIA XS PCR Edition ACSIA PCR Edition points forts EN

With the aim to increase your productivity, avoid contamination and improve work efficiency, PrimaDiag designed ACSIA XS PCR Edition. It is a compact and robust automated pipetting platform allowing performing all your simple protocols requiring a liquid handling. For instance, ACSIA PCR Edition can process without any human intervention the complete PCR setup in 96- or 384-well plate with our software, the PrimaController®II.

ACSIA PCR Edition allows processing your complete PCR/qPCR setup in just 5 minutes. Moreover, thanks to an innovative system for the selection of the wells, it brings a very high flexibility for the fast tuning of your protocols and PCR/qPCR setup. Our automate offers you, with our pipetting heads, a higher accuracy and reproducibility. The quality of your samples at the end of the process will be greater.

Test PCR

Amplification Plot performed by ABI Prism of BRCP1 on 3 cDNA samples. 1μl of cADN + 9μl of qPCR  with P1V250 pipetting head. Study done by Dr Céline Tomkiewicz from INSERM UMR-S 747, Pharmacologie Toxicologie et Signalisation Cellulaire, Faculté des Sciences Fondamentales et biomédicales, Paris, France

ACSIA XS PCR Edition is available with 8 SBS positions and integrate an interchangeable 250µl 1-channel pipetting head. Its software, the PrimaController®II, allows thanks to its realistic and interactive view and its real time help to increase your efficiency by focusing on your own tasks.

ACSIA-XS PCR Edition_Vue sur Workspace

  • Automated platform designed for the PCR/qPCR setup in 96- and 384-wells plate
  • Interchangeable pipetting head within seconds
  • CV lower than 2% for 1µl and lower than 0.05% for 250µl
  • High efficiency automated platform managed by the most innovative and smartest software
  • The Software displays a realistic and interactive view with a real time help allowing to be used by everybody
  • Higher reproducibility between the samples
  • Fast return on investment


Scope of delivery for ACSIA XS PCR Edition

ACSIA-XS + Laptop

  • 1x ACSIA XS platform
  • 1x interchangeable 250µl 1-channel pipetting head
  • 1x laptop computer with a pre-installed license of PrimaController®II and its digital user guide
  • 1x USB cable
  • 1x European standard power cable (power supply compliant with all the worldwide standards)
  • 4x holders for ACSIATips 250 box
  • 1x ACSIATips 250 box
  • 1x XSRack 16×200 (rack of 16 tubes of 200 µL)
  • 1x XSRack 10×600 (rack of 10 tubes of 600 µL)
  • 1x XSRack 5×2000 (rack of 5 tubes of 2 mL)
  • 1x 96-well PCR plate adapter

*Other accessories available

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* Many modules and options are available for ACSIA XS PCR Edition to process more complex protocols and bring more flexibility and quality. It is also available with 16 SBS positions based on the ACSIA platform with 2 pipetting heads.