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For all your needs, PrimaDiag offers the possibility to design your own automated solution into four steps:

Analyze your need

Following your contact with our sales team, your need is studied by our application specialists. Your project is carefully analyzed to define the optimizable steps and fit with the automation constraints.

Define the modules and accessories

After validating the project, our application specialists define the modules and accessories required for your protocol. In case where some special and no standard accessories are required, our R&D team will design the fitting racks or other various accessories on your request.

Choose the robotic platform

At this stage, your need is qualified. Then we have to choose the most suitable robotic platform between ACSIA and ACSIA XS. The best choice is done in according to the modules and accessories required by your protocol and the targeted throughput.

Write and optimize the methods for your ACSIA

Finally, our application specialists will take care of the writing of your protocols into the ACSIA system. While this step, our team brings all the optimizations allowing increasing the performance and the yield of your process. This rigor allows us providing the most suitable solution with your need.

YOUR ACSIA is then ready for a final test in your laboratory and to be used daily by everybody.

During all the previous steps, PrimaDiag keeps you closed to the definition process to provide a solution which meets your expectations and ready for many future evolutions.

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