Protective enclosure

ACSIA nue capotée

PrimaDiag enclosure brings confort and safety for all your processes

PrimaDiag has provided its ACSIA products line with a protective enclosure. It is available with a ventilated device with HEPA filter for the protection of your samples and a UV radiation device for the decontamination of your workspace.


The PrimaDiag enclosure exists in two sizes for the ACSIA and ACSIA XS platforms. It can be customized by adding, in according to your needs, a ventilated device, a UV radiation device or the combination of the both options.

Ventilated device with HEPA filter

  • On/Off button
  • H14 Absolute filter (efficiency 99.999%)

UV radiation device

  • 15W germicidal UV tube
  • Timer adjustable from 0 to 30 minutes to limit the radiation time
  • Door opening detection

ACSIA nue capotée

ACSIA with protective enclosure

ACSIA-XS capotée

ACSIA XS with protective enclosure