PrimaController®II  is the result of many years of research and development and is designed to facilitate the access to the automation to everyone. PrimaController®II is the brain of your platform.

Realistic and interactive view


Do not get confused over choosing your consumables anymore. PrimaController®II displays a realistic and interactive view of your workspace where every disposable is virtually shaped very closed to the reality. Moreover you are able to drop and move your disposables as easily as on your real workspace!

Forget the usual programming and focus on defining your tasks

SoftwareTasksDon’t worry about the programming and focus on your protocols. PrimaController®II guides you with some wizards for any pipetting tasks and modules control. An innovative selection system allows you choosing the desired wells with a peerless ease. PrimaController®II will surprise you with its ability to guess what you want to handle.

Real time help

Define your parameters and PrimaController®II checks them to avoid any errors of handling and failure of your protocol.

Samples and liquid tracking

Follow the tracking ID of any sample and check the composition of each well thanks to a graphical pie chart displaying. Sample IDs can be imported and exported easily or inputted with a bar code reader.


Smart Management of Tips (SMT)

PrimaController®II and its innovative SMT technology perform the smartest tip re-use without cross-contamination during your process. It ensures lower process costs by reducing the quantity of tips used during your manipulations.

TWO ways with ONE software

Use on the go: Create your protocol within minutes by defining your tasks directly. For instance you could create virtually your full 384-well PCR plate definition (48 samples with 4 master mixes in duplicates) in less than 5 minutes

Routine use:  Create a more complex protocol for using in routine by everyone. Just configure your protocol by asking PrimaController®II to display the changing parameters before the run as relevant issues.

Increase your efficiency by forgetting the usual programming methods and adopt the PrimaController®II way!