Pipetting heads


PrimaDiag pipetting heads offer accuracy and reproducibility for better results

PrimaDiag proposes 5 pipeting heads in 1- and 8- channels allowing the handling from 0.5 µl to 1000µl. All our heads answer to specifications stricter than the ISO 8655 standard for the highest accuracy and precision of your pipetting tasks. All our pipetting heads are easily interchangeable  within seconds.

The highest quality for all your pipetting tasks

PrimaDiag provides a high pipetting quality for all its products of the ACSIA range. Thanks to powerful pipetting heads and a very active R&D, PrimaDiag has developed a system of liquid handling particularly efficient based on special pipetting profiles and powerful algorithms.

Plaque PCR

How the PrimaDiag’s quality can make the difference?

  • Increase the quality and the reliability of your qPCR by decreasing the difference of cycle threshold (Ct) of your duplicates/triplicates
  • Quantify your samples with the best accuracy
  • Free up your time and your team
Test PCR

Amplification Plot performed by ABI Prism of BRCP1 on 3 cDNA samples. 1µl of cDNA + 9µl of qPCR Mix with P1V200 pipetting head.Study done by Dr. Céline TOMKIEWICZ from INSERM UMR-S 747, Pharmacologie Toxicologie et Signalisation Cellulaire, Faculté des Sciences Fondamentales et Biomédicales, Paris, France


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