Magnetic Work Unit

Bloc magnétique breveté

Module for handling of magnetic beads combining simplicity and efficiency

This innovative module allows replacing the common gripping systems thanks to its patented technology APIM (Attraction Point by Induced Magnetization). Moreover it is provided with a retaining flange allowing using directly your microplates twisted by the heat of the thermal cycler and avoiding any move.

Operation and physical principle

The magnetic principle of the magnetic work unit is based on the induced magnetization.

The main goal is to focus the magnetic field generated by a permanent magnet to magnetize some low coercivity ferromagnetic pins. It induces some quick and stable changes from the “magnetized” state to the initial state (demagnetized). It allows the switching On and Off  of the magnetic attraction in wells in just a few seconds.

The alloy and the special design of the pins allow controlling the strength of the magnetic field along the vertical surface of each well. Then it is possible to create a magnetic beads pellet to a specific position in every well. This attraction point has been chosen to minimize the elution volume and optimize the washing by avoiding the interactions between the tip and the beads pellet.

Why the magnetic work unit can bring you more simplicity while improving your efficiency?

  1. Switch On and Off the attraction of the magnetic beads without moving the PCR microplate. The mistakes during the moves of the microplate are eliminated.

  2. More cost effective than the solution “passive plate with classic magnets + gripper”.

  3. Can maintain firmly the PCR microplate thanks to its retaining flange. This component allows flattening the microplate which can be twisted after getting out the thermal cycler. The pipetting is then facilitated by a better reproducibility of the position of the wells (impossible with a gripping system).

  4. Compliant with the most of the clean-up and isolation kits in the market.

  5. Compliant with the most of the PCR microplates (skirted, semi-skirted or no skirted).

  6. Module managed by a simple and powerful software which facilitate the programming for the end user. A simple On/Off command is sufficent to attract/free the beads.

  7. Allows a low elution volume and some optimized washing.