The NGS: the solution for treatments even more successful ?

11 April 2014

The sequencing allows a better understanding of the genes and answers a big number of questions on the said diseases heavy as the cancer or the degenerative diseases. These answers thus allow to target better touched zones and to lead very often to more effective personalized treatments.In five years the NGS revolutionized the world of the sequencing by reducing the time of process, increasing the number of targets and decreased its cost in a exponential way by obtaining a bigger number of data. For example, in 2008, one year was necessary for experiments on DNA sequences of 600 genes in 91 samples. Six years later, two weeks are necessary to study the whole human genome (approximately 21 000 genes). In sight of these arguments and our previous article on “the sequencing of its genome in 1 000 dollars”, we can conclude the NGS is the solution to optimize the personalized treatments and he will doubtless allow the biggest moved forward of the last 20 years on heavy said diseases.