The third generation: the future of the NGS ?

13 May 2014

For some years, Illumina and Life Technologies monopolize the first marketplaces of the sequencing high debit with their sequencers of second generation. Being surrendering a wild war to have the ascendancy, these last ones largely optimized the performances of their devices and reduced the costs of the sequencing. But this generation has some weak points for the cost of machines and consumables or still too short reads. It thus urged certain actors of the market to create the third generation for landings these defects. At present one of the technical only ones of the third generation on the market is the sequencer of Pacific Biosciences. Launched in 2010, it is based on a technic of sequencing SMRT (Single molecular Real Time sequencing). But in spite of some convincing results and the arrival of Roche to the capital, Pacific Biosciences remains a minor actor on the market of the sequencing high debit. As a matter of fact techniques used by the third generation are still badly mastered by their actors but it remains a tool in very potential.